This class taught me to think through multiple perspectives and to look through different lenses. It’s hard to put the experience into words since it was such a whirlwind, but I valued every class discussion and exercise. I actually really wish this could have been an entire semester because there was so much valuable material. I could have spent hours and days discussing the many topics and opinions, and I have a newfound respect for John and my classmates. 
I hope to continue research in this area, especially digging deeper into the reading materials. The tech news practice is one of my new favorite things, and I look forward to reading them each morning. I even created a subfolder in outlook where I can save interesting resources for future perusal.
I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from the guest professional in the industry, it was definitely a highlight of my learning so far. I loved the casual yet engaged discussions, and found myself wishing we had more time. I am very aware that I have a professional weakness in that I’ve worked in the same place for the last fifteen years, but I also have a great love for higher education, and UGA is a unique place where disciplines and experiences can mingle to create something bigger. I have been inspired by my classmates to think differently and broaden my perspective. 
Outside of future career goals, this class changed the way I view my environment as a consumer. Just like with bad design, once you recognize it, you can’t unsee it! There were so many things that I took for granted as “normal,” but now I have an understanding of “why” and “how” they work. I wish there was more practical information and deconstruction of ideas in the rest of the program.