Advanced New Media Production is probably one of the most challenging classes I’ve faced in my academic career. There are so many languages with strict rules and codes, but it’s all built on a framework of creativity in how you put the pieces together. Even though everyone in the class started with the same basic guidelines and instructions, many students found alternate routes to the same destination.
The course built on the solid foundation from 6110 New Media Production, but very quickly ramped up in difficulty! As expected, we built on our knowledge of HTML and CSS, but then ventured into the world of Javascript and Arrays. Conditionals, objects, and APIs were fascinating and very useful, with limitless possibilities (as long as you use the correct quote marks…)
Overall, this class taught me that I had to learn and understand the underlying systems and languages before I could start stacking and customizing the multitude of building blocks. This much broader viewpoint, along with the technical skills, will greatly enhance my experiences and ideas throughout the rest of the degree program.
This final project combines the work from Advanced New Media and Rich Media Production into one complete final product. The Casual Reader app uses a custom WordPressAPI template and generated API to display all posts in the article list. The app has a simple home screen where you click on the list of articles, and navigate your way through the reading.