The Emerging Media Storytelling class taught me new ways to analyze and view media from many different platforms. Though it was challenging, I really enjoyed the lessons and the work I put into each section. There were seven modules including letter writing, music video analysis, documentary analysis, YouTube analysis, video game analysis, and final creative representation project. 
I both loved and hated dissecting media after viewing it over and over again. The music video and film analysis forced me to push past the stage of entertainment, and really look at the principles that created the foundation for the media, for better or for worse. The same was true for the documentary analysis, and now I pay much more attention to the “why” of production choices and not just the “what” taken at screen value. The video game analysis was a special paper for me, because I had been playing the game for years without ever “peeking behind the curtain.” Through extensive research I learned much more of the history of the game series and about the player community. I also have many more criteria with which to judge this and future games! The YouTube and Social Media analysis taught me a lot about the way things are now and how they got there. But, more importantly, I learned about the human element of media production and the unpredictable nature of audiences.
 The final project was a departure from writing and required us to tell a particular story in a creative way. Kavoori challenged us to really think about modern mediatization and our own relationship with smartphones. So using only my smartphone capabilities, this is my story as a video: