This class was an intensive four-week study in basic website development. We started with the simple task of setting up our own web hosting service, and learned the essentials of file/folder management and ftp uploading. Many of the lessons in the first module felt simple at first, but I was amazed how many things I did on autopilot and never actually knew WHY they needed to be done a certain way. The explanations for many coding principles and nomenclature had me smacking my head in my ignorance. Those building blocks made the next several modules more enjoyable.
The Introductions to HTML and CSS were so thorough that I now feel comfortable looking at other individual’s code and interpreting it for myself. While there is still a lot I do not know, at least now I know where to look for answers. Bootstrap, WordPress, and GoogleFonts are all tools I had severely underestimated and underutilized. JavaScript and jQuery were definitely more challenging, but the excitement when I FINALLY got something to work was well worth it! The final project was incredibly rewarding when I could see how HTML, CSS, and JS could work together.