New Media Design was a unique experience for me. Partly because I have been designing for 16 years, and partly because I actually exempted the class and took on various TA duties. NMIX 6111 covered a variety of topics, such as designer/client relationships, aesthetics, color theory, typography, photography, layout, and even logo design. Students were required to learn a basic understanding of Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
I was able to interact with, and help, students who are very new to design. I’m currently the Assistant Director for Design for UGA’s Marketing & Communications, where I have worked since 2006. So this opportunity brought me back to my roots and I saw the principles of design with new eyes. There is so much value in supporting other NMI students because we all have different experiences and perspectives that we bring to the table. We learn so much from each other, in addition to the course lessons and assignments.​​​​​​​
As TA, I assisted with grading, answering student questions, and facilitating classroom communication. I also stepped in as partner for a student who had no one for a two-week project. I created a style guide and responsive website for Ashleigh Hinesley’s boutique photography portfolio. The final project below is an example of the work created in 6111 New Media Design.