Rich Media Production centered around iOS app development and I loved it! Following the Mastering SwiftUI workbook, we started at the very beginning with “Hello World,” and quickly learned the basics to start building projects for ourselves. Much like HTML, CSS, and JS, we had to grasp a general understanding of another language and how it related to the different functions.
The big picture of how structs and views and functions worked together opened the doors for countless possibilities, and it was wonderful to see what each classmate created for different purposes. SwiftUI is easier (in my opinion) to manage than other development languages because it is self-contained in Xcode with many universal standards. I also appreciated the very clean and customizable UI aesthetic options. In my experience, half of the time was spent getting the code to function, and the other half (sometimes more) was getting it look as good as possible.
This has been my favorite class so far, and I hope I have the opportunity to continue learning and practicing SwiftUI, maybe even as my cornerstone project!
My final project combines the work from Advanced New Media and Rich Media Production into one complete final product. The Casual Reader app uses a custom WordPressAPI template and generated API to display all posts in the article list. The app has a simple home screen where you click on the list of articles, and navigate your way through the reading.